Lloyd Lobo

1234 Penny Lane, Earth City 1111111

(091) 111-1111



Sri Aurobindo Centre for Communication and Arts

  • Cumulative GPA: 4.0
  • Academic interests: audio recording and engineering, music production, audio synthesis.
  • Top of the batch

SRM University

  • BTech, Mechanical Engineering
  • Extensive coursework in mechanical and robotic automation.
  • SEC club

Business Experience

Heat Master

Front-end Engineer & Accounts Manager

  • Performed independent research on numerous industries, created new line of products
  • General operations and electric power panels manufacturing
  • Led company through reform with upgrades and standards

Other Work Experience

Noisy Gates Studios

Assistant Audio Engineer

  • Setup brand design and created website to reach clients
  • Helped devise setting up for this music studio
  • Handled general errands

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  • Front-end development
  • Web APIs - NodeJS, Actix Web
  • CLI Apps

Tech stacks

  • NextJS React JamStack
  • Rust, Go, Python, JavaScript, TypeScript
  • Neovim, VS Code, bash

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